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The primary function of this position will be to assist the Director of Sports Performance and the rest of the staff with the management of total athletic preparation of our athletes. Our interns will have the unique opportunity to see the behind the scenes on what goes into training and what changes based on the athlete that you are training. The unique ability to work with technology like a velocity-based trainer, Force plates, and timing gates gives our interns the upper hands within sports science. Finally our interns will enter into our curriculum, which is attached as well.

Other duties to include, but not limited to: -Development of training programs -Application of appropriate motivational techniques -Instruction of athletes in the proper execution of weight training exercises and : -Plyometrics -Agility drills -Flexibility training -Speed development techniques -Conditioning modalities -Communicating with appropriate coaching personnel regarding the needs and demands of the student-athletes.

- The successful candidate will gain valuable experience COACHING athletes of all ages and training ages.

Minimum qualifications include: -Eligible candidates will need to be in good academic standing and finishing their undergraduate studies or have graduated with their Bachelor’s degree -Financially capable of holding the position for the Spring Semester (ASAP to May 2021) since NO MONETARY COMPENSATION WILL BE PROVIDED. (Help with housing is available)

-Successful applicants must have a strong desire to become strength and conditioning professionals and a tireless work ethic in order to accommodate the demands of the position.

Preferred qualifications include: -Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in related field (Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Sports Performance, etc.) -Nationally recognized certifications

-Previous experience working in a collegiate or professional athletic setting -Previous playing experience in a collegiate or professional level.

Interested applicants should send a resume and a list of 3 professional references with phone and e-mail contact information in ONE PDF to John Delf-Montgomery, Director of Sports Performance, ER Fitness,

ER Fitness Internship Department

Sports Performance

Spring Internship 2020

Sports Performance Internship

Semester: Spring 2020