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HPC New Recovery Suite

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

HPC is almost 1-year old!

As we approach our first calendar year, we are excited to announce the addition of new recovery tools for you and your athlete.

The end of Year 1 is also the start of in-season for most of our athletes. These recovery solutions, along with consistent in-season training will help you stay healthy & strong for a full season.

What's included in the new HPC Recovery Suite?

*Watch the Hyperice Technologies video here

Hyperice provides recovery solutions to the NBA, NFL, MLB, UFC, PGA, USA Olympics, and other elite athletes world-wide.

Our goal at HPC is, and always has been to provide an elite training service and holistic performance environment for the individuals we serve. We believe that the addition of the HPC Recovery Suite will add value to our mission & service.

How do you use the Recovery Tools?

All recovery tools will be available for current athletes signed up for a premium training plan. Each service is also available a la carte. Prices can be found here.

Interested in learning about the importance of In-Season Training?

  • In-Season is the longest uninterrupted training period.

  • In-Season strength training reduces injuries.

  • In-Season training further develops you for next season & college.

  • Remain stronger than the competition.

  • College and professional athletes train in-season.

*the image above was created by Adam Virgile, current PhD candidate and sport scientist for the University of Vermont

In Strength,

The HPC Team

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