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Bo Bennett
Owner/Personal Trainer
NASM- Corrective Exercise / Enhanced Performance Specialist

Bo Bennett graduated from Williamsville High School in 2012. After graduation he headed to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and eventually Physical Therapy. His plans changed once a professor reached out to him in undergrad with a job opportunity to be a personal trainer in the St. Louis area. There he found his passion for helping clients reach their fitness & performance goals.


After graduation Bo decided to move back to the Springfield to work as a personal trainer. He spent his first year working at the local YMCA and also the rehabilitation floor at Memorial Hospital.


He quickly experienced growth as a personal trainer and decided to devote all of his time to that craft. For the last 3-years Bo has been a personal trainer in the Springfield area, as well as training clients across the country online.


Bo has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from ages 8 to 90; and differing in abilities from a paraplegic to high level collegiate athletes. Bo says he has enjoyed every experience equally, and is always up for a new challenge in helping someone reach their goal. "Being a personal trainer is much more than knowing how to teach people the ins and outs of the exercise and nutrition world - communication is key. No two people are the same and one of the hardest parts about training is figuring out what works for your client, not what works for the masses."

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