Sport Training

The training programs at HPC are designed to meet every athlete's needs from the beginner to the more advanced college player.  Our goal is to improve each kid’s sports performance and do it in environment where they train hard and have fun doing it.

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As our athletes mature we offer them the opportunity to train at a much higher level.  Our Premium Training Program gives each athlete an individualized written program based on a joint-by-joint assessment, an injury report, a strength assessment and the sport(s) played.  Coaching is more intense and the training program is written for 2-3x a week with the option to train two additional days per week than what is scheduled. On these additional days the athlete will condition specific to the energy system that is needed for their sport, and work on their weaknesses determined in the initial assessment.

  • Team Rates - Interested in having HPC train your high school, AAU, or Club Team? We train teams of 8+ at discounted rates. Contact us below for more information.


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