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What is Speed School?

Athletes who apply more force in a shorter period of time will run faster. In the HPC Speed School we will teach you proper technique and strength fundamentals to apply more force in less time. In this small group session, we will work on top end speed, acceleration, and lateral quickness. Speed progress will be tracked daily.

When is Speed School?

Speed School is every Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm. Each session is 30-40 min.

How much does Speed School cost? 

Speed School is FREE for our Premium members on the 3+ days per week training plan. For other members on a training program, the cost is $75/month.


For Non-members the cost is $15/session drop-in, or $100 monthly.

How do I sign-up?

Non-member sign up for Speed School can be found here. If you are a 3+ days per week Premium member then just show up! Other members please pay by check or Venmo.


Email Coach Albert:

Call Coach Albert:  (414) 216-1451