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HPC Combine 2022
Memorial Day Weekend

Test like a PRO. Identify your RISK.


What is it?

Over Memorial Day Weekend we will be hosting a combine to test your athleticism, profile it against other athletes your age & sport, and identify your risk of injury. This is reserved for members only, and invite only guest.

The Assessments

  1. Anthropometrics (Height, Weight, & Grip Strength)

  2. Force Plate Vertical Jump (*and injury risk add-on)

  3. 20-Yard Dash (laser timed)

  4. Shuttle Run - Agility

  5. Broad Jump

  6. Strength (Pushup & Chinup reps)

How Do We Access Injury Risk?

  • Force Plates are the gold standard way to measure vertical jump. They also tell much more than that.

  • They are $10,000 instruments used by professionals & elite colleges throughout the world.

  • We use the Hawkin Dynamics system. It collects 1000 data points per second, and looks at left vs. right differences, deceleration (ability to slow down), and propulsion (ability to accelerate).

  • If an athlete has a weakness left vs. right, or doesn't have the ability to decelerate, this places them at higher risk of injury.

What You Will Receive...

  • Each athlete will go through the 6 Assessments above

  • A PDF Report will be emailed to each athlete after the assessments have been completed.

    • This report will rank you against other athletes in your age group, and overall. You will learn which areas we think you need to work on to improve your athleticism based on our state of the art technology and coaching expertise.

    • A Force Plate report is a key part of this report. It will tell you have much force you produce, if you are symmetrical, how much power you can generate, and how quickly you apply force.

  • If you purchase the injury risk add-on Report, you will also receive a PDF outlining your asymmetry left vs. right during 4 phases (deceleration, transfer, push-off, and landing). You will also receive a risk-score, taking into account all athletes at the combine and the expertise by our co-owner Drake. Drake's full time job is the Director of Sport Science for Hawkin Dynamics. Drake works with the top teams and athletes in the world helping them identify weakness, risks, and strengths using force plates.


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